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At our company, we provide a range of test and measurement solutions for fiber optic cables and structure cables using the latest tools and methods. Whether you need to verify the quality of your cable before installation, troubleshoot any faults or defects after installation, or monitor the health and performance of your cable over time, we have the right solution for you.

With the variety of test equipment such as OTDR, Powermeter, BERT, PMD , CD testers, RFC6349, RFC2544, 100G testers we are able to perform cable attenuation test, insertion loss, event loss, continuity test , certification tests, ageing cable performance and service activation tests as per industry standards.

In the realm of submarine works, our comprehensive test and measurement scope ensures the robustness and reliability of cable installations. Beginning with the critical Soil Resistivity Test, we meticulously analyze the soil at the chosen installation site, crucial for the design of effective Overhead Grounding Bond (OGB) and grounding systems. The evaluation extends to the Insulation Resistance (IR) test, which guarantees the cable’s resilience against electrical leakage, a vital consideration for submarine cables facing varied underwater conditions.

Conductor Resistance (CR) testing assesses the cable’s efficiency in signal transmission, while the DC Resistance test (DC-R) focuses on its capability to transmit direct current, fundamental for power delivery. Moreover, our expertise extends to performing tests that adeptly localize cable faults, utilizing advanced methodologies such as Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR), ensuring swift identification and resolution of issues to maintain seamless submarine cable functionality.