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OSP Network Project & Construction Management

At Lucky Joint, we proudly stand as one of Singapore’s leading providers of telecommunication networks. Our team, consisting of highly skilled specialists, possesses extensive knowledge and experience, making them experts in handling intricate telecom infrastructure projects. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional results with a commitment to excellence and professionalism, ensuring that your telecom needs are met efficiently.

In addition to our telecom expertise, we offer comprehensive construction management services, encompassing all project aspects, from initial design to final construction. Our experienced professionals are well-equipped to manage projects of any size and complexity. We collaborate closely with clients to bring their vision to life in the most cost-effective manner. Our construction management services cover project planning, scheduling, budgeting, procurement, and quality control, all with the goal of delivering high-quality construction projects on time and within budget.

At Lucky Joint, we define Outside Plant (OSP) Project Management Services as a specialized set of services and expertise in the field of telecommunication and network infrastructure that focuses on the design, installation, maintenance, security, and management of the physical components and systems located outside of buildings and data centers. OSP services are critical for creating and maintaining the infrastructure that connects various telecommunication and data communication points. In additional our OSP teams are driven by a team of highly skilled and experienced experts. Their deep understanding of OSP methodologies, fiber optics, copper cabling, security cameras at outside plant and network design allows us to navigate complex projects in telecommunication.

  • Understand scope of work and requirements.
  • Identify suitable site for infrastructure deployment.
  • Permitting and regulatory compliance
  • Budget estimation.
  • Project scheduling
  • Resource planning and allocation
  • Procurement of materials and equipment.
  • Quality assurance and control
  • Safety compliance and enforcement.
  • Supervision of construction activities
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Documentation and handing over.