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Communication Engineering / Telco Solution

OSP Civil Works – Conventional Trenching, HDD and other deployment methods

Civil works cover a wide range of activities involved in the construction, maintenance, and repair of infrastructure systems. Our trenching expertise specifically involves the digging of trenches for laying utility lines, pipes, or cables. This work requires specialized equipment and skills to ensure safety and efficiency. Successful trenching projects also require careful planning, considering factors like depth, width, soil type, and necessary equipment. Proper backfilling, compaction, and mill-and-patch of the trench are also crucial for ensuring the stability and longevity of the installed infrastructure.

Conventional Trenching Services

Trenching is all about digging channels for utility lines, pipes, or cables. Our experts handle this with precision, using specialized equipment and careful planning. We consider depth, width, soil type, and equipment need. Proper backfilling and compaction ensure the longevity of your infrastructure.

Trenchless Services / HDD

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is a modern way to install underground pipes without digging trenches. It’s a smart choice for less surface disruption and better security. Our experienced team specializes in HDD, providing custom solutions.

HDD can be used typically in following site scenarios,

  1. Under cross canals.
  2. Under cross expressway.
  3. Under the airport Taxi Runway and many other locations where conventional excavation is not practicable.

We have self-owned HDD rigs of up to 600 tons that can handle various sizes of drill pipes and drill lengths to meet our customers’ needs (up to 50m depth and 3000m length

Micro Trenching

Micro-Trenching is a low-impact technique, great for urban areas. It’s efficient and discreet, but not suitable for LTA Road Line reserve.


Aerial pathways are fast and cost-effective, but consider their visual impact on your surroundings.

Direct Buried

This method is quick and budget-friendly but may pose challenges for future maintenance and expansion.