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Automatic License-Plate Recognition (ALPR)

Our Automatic License-Plate Recognition (ALPR) is a technology that uses optical character recognition on images to read vehicle registration plates. Rapid technological developments have allowed Lucky Joint to enable camera-side integration of ALPR technology. This means it can be widely used to improve efficiency and security in different solutions. In addition, this camera-side ALPR is more cost-effective than traditional server-side analysis solutions. The solutions include Lucky Joint cameras and software that runs on either the camera or a server. It automatically captures license plates in real time relying on data. The valuable solution includes verifying vehicle license and registration and provides an automatic alert when whitelisted and blacklisted vehicles pass by. The entrance & exit Control to raise barriers automatically for authorized vehicles. ALPR technology offers a cost-efficient and smart vehicle entry and exit monitoring solution for both the newly installed vehicle access control system and car park management system. The high-resolution camera acquires a vehicle image for reading plate information to allows the camera detection zones and only vehicle plate that appears within the defined detection. In the position ourselves in providing an end-to-end and operationally robust number Plate Recognition System which is aimed at assisting car park facilities administrators using Electronic Parking System to automate your car park management operations.

Benefit of ALPR

1. Swift, Secure & Automated
Offers a fast and automated management of granting vehicle entry access permission which also makes it highly secure. With the fast and reliable reading of the License Plate Recognition System, vehicles can be registered and gain smooth entry into the car parking facility almost without a need to come to an abrupt stationery stop.

2. Searchable Video Footage
The video data of each vehicle access instance has its own unique time and location stamps, which are both image and text searchable for fast and easy access later. Video searching function via event filtering may also be executed by considering relevant parameters, such as the number of inbound parking vehicles or a total number of available parking spaces.