Fiber ready scheme for Enterprise

Fibre-Ready Scheme (FRS) is a scheme which is applicable to non-residential buildings. The Scheme provides for a government subsidy of up to 80% of the cost of new in-building infrastructure such as

  • Access panels
  • Cable trays/trunkings
  • Air blown ducts, racks and accessories

The subsidy under the FRS is capped at $200,000 per building for building owners and managers to facilitate access to fibre services for non-residential subscribers.

This funding will go towards helping buildings to put in place additional in-building facilities and infrastructure to bring fibre broadband to their business tenants.

Operators remain responsible for installation and maintenance of fibre cables.

iDA Grant valid for only 3 years


Because the Grant by iDA is only valid for 3 years and it is mandatory under COPIF 2013 to provide infrastructure for fibre from MDF to riser / tenant units thereafter.

Why is it important to be Fibre-Ready?

To put in place additional in-building facilities and infrastructure to bring “fibre broadband” to your business tenants.

  • Elimination of fire hazards
  • No usage of scissor lifts, boom lifts and scaffolding
  • Access panels need not be opened repeatedly
  • Broadband provisioning enabled to all your tenants
  • Lucid documentation for easy maintenance
  • Environmental Impact minimised
  • Faster subscription to any broadband provider
  • Ready-to-go infrastructure in place
  • Safety ensured by elimination of risk factors

Fibre readiness scheme (FRS) for enterprises


FIBER READY SCHEME FOR ENTERPRISE, Submission of application for grant, Evaluation by iDA, Approval of  application, Receipt of Offer Letter, Submission of Proof of Completion, Audits and on-site visits by iDA, Disbursal of grant by iDA, Listing as Fibre-Ready Building

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