Smart Nation


Lucky Joint Smart Nation solution is a full turnkey solution to build up your first Smart Nation infrastructure and framework to get your city ready for growth by next-generation governance and interaction among citizens.

What is Smart Nation?

Singapore has already embarked on the journey of Smart Nation. To enhance citizen’s life, a series of public sensors would soon be installed in pioneer areas such as Orchard Road, CBD, Geylang and Little India to monitor a range of conditions from traffic movement to air quality. This will enable government agencies to make quicker and more informed decisions and provide better citizen-centric services.

Singapore’s Smart Nation vision has entered the building phase of infrastructure. A series of Aggregation Gateway boxes (AG-boxes) would be deployed in pioneer areas to provide fibre optics, ethernet connection or power to the sensors nearby.


  • Deployment of Aggregation Gateway (AG) boxes across the country
  • One-stop AG-box design, fabrication and installation services
  • High-speed and reliable backhaul fibre network
  • Underground fibre and ethernet network design and construction
  • Sensor deployment to collect data like traffic and weather
  • Data analysis to extract useful data
  • Operation & Maintenance to ensure high availability of the system


  • More informed decisions by the Government
  • Critical infrastructure for big data analysis
  • Private network to ensure privacy and security
  • Real-time data/information
  • Citizen-centric services
  • Platform for Smart solutions
  • Expandable network for future growth
  • To enhance citizen’s life with various technologies and applications


  • Has professional teams of dedicated, highly skilled and multi-disciplinary engineers, consultants and project managers in the field.
  • Provides one-stop full turnkey Smart Nation solutions.