About Lucky Joint

Lucky Joint

As one of Singapore's largest contractors for Telecommunications Networks Management and Construction, Lucky Joint is focused on providing value added services and meeting the evolving needs of our customers. With more than 38 years of exemplary experience and success, we have gain global client recognition for our one-stop diversified services and years of practical experience in the telecommunications networks industry.

By providing customer a full suite of Telecommunication solution & service lines, allowing us to enjoy competitive advantage and foster great client relationship as a preferred vendor and supplier.

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To be a Regional Leader in Telecom Network Solutions and Management.


To deliver reliable and effective turnkey solutions through technical leadership and innovative processes.

Our Value Proposition

Performance matters. People make a difference too. At Lucky Joint, our commitment and areas of focus are guided by 3 golden rules.


Respect is an action that goes beyond words. We recognise that the quality of our performance directly impact how our customers achieve success. No matter how difficult the issue or situation is, we make it a point to approach our work and those we encounter with deep respect and dignity. 


Ethical people show responsibility by being accountable. As a market leader, we pursue excellence and honour the ethical principles by constantly keeping in mind what we are supposed to do and strive to do our best. We are committed to working in ways that not only benefits the society at large but also our employees, communities and environment. 


We not only anticipate and put proactive plans in place, but also follow through our deliverables with responsible solutions and information in a timely manner. Over the years, our ability to respond quickly to the market and align with customers' needs has enabled us to become one of Singapore's market leaders in the industry.